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Boho Bedroom Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Accessories

Boho Bedroom Ideas Boho bedroom ideas have become a popular way for people to decorate their bedrooms. The boho style is perfect for those who want to create a relaxed and zen-like atmosphere in their home. Boho style is one of my favorites and that's why I chose this style for [...]

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Top 3 Ways to Not Blow the Budget when Decorating Your Room

How much does it cost to decorate a room? The age old question….how much does it cost to decorate a room? While we all long for a cut and dry answer, there are many variables that go into decorating a room. The design decisions you make will determine how much you’ll [...]

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The 9 Best Vintage Style Sofas for Small Spaces

Vintage Style Couches for Small Living Rooms Join me as I share why I abandoned a DIY reupholster project and started the search of vintage style couches for small living rooms. Staring at the halfway upholstered sofa, I knew I had met my match. This reupholstering journey started over [...]

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Decorating with Thrifty Home Decor

How can I decorate my home using thrifty décor?   If you follow me on Instagram (and you should for the most up to date project deets!), you know that my home is filled with vintage and thrifty home décor goodies.  About 80% of my home is furnished and decorated with gently [...]

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11 Beautifully Decorated Bookshelf Ideas

Since moving into our new home in September, we’ve been working hard to get all our big home projects out of the way -- the feeling of constantly living in a construction zone can wear on a gal! But, I took a break from the kitchen remodel to focus on decorated [...]

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Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Designs on Amazon

I've been finding my decor taste changing over the years and the most intriguing of designs to me right now is Modern Farmhouse. There's something about the combination of farmhouse comfort and the modern sleekness that has me hooked.  The most recent itch I've had is to redo the decor in [...]

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25+ Affordable Farmhouse Home Decor Finds on Amazon

Howdy, friends! Well, I've spent the past couple hours browsing through Amazon, getting inspired and wanted to share my finds! The theme of today's inspiration was affordable farmhouse home decor and boy oh boy, Amazon did not disappoint! It never ceases to amaze me what I can find on online. For [...]

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