Anything is possible with the right attitude and effort. For over 8 years, I’ve been flipping furniture, knocking down walls and rebuilding beautiful home spaces along side my wonderful husband, Cully. Together, we’ve helped thousands of aspiring DIYers gain the confidence and knowledge needed to stop procrastinating and start doing.

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    our latest home renovation

    We’ve completed our latest project! Our beautiful 1954 ranch style home that brings us so much joy. This chapter of our lives will soon be closing as we transition into tiny house living! (more to come on that :))

    DIY Reno Cost = $18,000

    Home Value Added = $125,000

    Profit = $107,000

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    Hi there!

    I’m Krista

    a thirty-something year old living with my husband and our four rescue pups on the Western Slope of Colorado.

    After living most of my life in Denver, my husband and I are happy to be close to family, now living in the beautiful city of Grand Junction.

    Join us in our journey as I share our DIY home projects, home design ideas, and creative business tips.

    Read more about my path from corporate gal to full time entrepreneur here.

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