Since moving into our new home in September, we’ve been working hard to get all our big home projects out of the way — the feeling of constantly living in a construction zone can wear on a gal!

But, I took a break from the kitchen remodel to focus on decorated bookshelf ideas — something that would make our house feel more like a home.  

One of the things I love about my office space is that it has a full wall of built-in shelves.  There are also a few other bookshelves I’ve been wanting to decorate and make my own. 

I hear often from our Instagram followers that decorating bookshelves is hard.  

In hopes to bring simple yet inspirational ideas, here are some of my favorite styled bookshelves along with decor ideas you can grab today!


11 Beautifully Decorated Bookshelf Ideas:


Decorated Bookshelf Ideas

Beautiful blues fill this room!  The gold and tan colors pair beautifully with those deep blue tones. And the mixture of books and various decor make these shelves functional and  beautiful — my two favorite things!

Inspired by the Look: 



Styling a Bookshelf

This room gives off a oh so subtle romantic vibe with that rose colored chair and red drapes.  The mixture of vases, baskets and books tie well with the calm, soothing effect of this space.

Inspired by the Look: 


Industrial Room with Bookshelves

Industrial and sleek! I’m digging this space and it reminds me of what we are doing with our kitchen!  Black, wood and brick all over — classy and sexy all wrapped into one space.

Inspired by the Look:



Green Chair with White Bookshelves

You know, they say…geniuses pick green… (ok, ok, I totally stole that line from Meet the Parents)…I digress… this room boasts cleanliness and crispness with the calm white and gray tones on the bookshelf and the bold green chair in the middle of the room. 

Inspired by the Look:


Home office with bookshelves

Who has an at home office? This is the perfect example of how you can use shelving in your office to organize your fav books while keeping the clutter organized with baskets and crates…and as I always say; “It’s not that I’m tidy, I just hide the clutter!”

Inspired by the Look:


Greenery is a must have for all bookshelves.  Since I can’t keep a real plant alive longer than a couple weeks, fake plants are the way to go in my house.  

Inspired by the Look:


Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

Do you have shelves in or near your kitchen?  It’s the perfect place to store those special wine glasses….and glassware that may not be used daily, but is nice to have easy access to.

Inspired by the Look:


Why do I love this look?  It shows all things that go GREAT on a bookshelf.  Pictures, candlesticks, vases, small decor items (perhaps that have sentimental value), and, of course, books!

Inspired by the Look:


Light, bright and airy is the theme of this space.  Going with one or two neutral colors on your bookshelf is an easy way to get started decorating.  

Inspired by the Look:


Inspired by the Look: 

When in doubt, use books to decorate your bookshelf! (what a concept, eh?!).  Turning them backwards gives a more uniformed and clean look.


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There you have it!  Hope these ideas inspire you to create the most beautiful bookshelf in your home!


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