Our Journey to Financial Freedom

Welcome to our journey towards financial freedom. In 2018, Cully and I found ourselves on the brink of bankruptcy due to a lifestyle we couldn’t afford and fostering a mindset of “keeping up with the Joneses”. Instead of giving in to despair, we decided to seize control of our financial situation.

We committed to a complete overhaul of our approach to money, which included changing our spending habits and attitudes towards money. With time, we managed to turn our dire circumstances around.

As we reshaped our money mindset, our situation slowly improved. Today, we’re proud to say we’ve paid off all our debts, fully funded our emergency and vacation funds, own our vehicles, toys, and even our tiny homes outright, all within less than 5 years. Join us as we share how we transformed our lives from financial crisis to financial peace.

Hi, I’m Krista

Behind the Adventures

a thirty-something year old living with my husband and our four rescue pups on the Western Slope of Colorado.

After living most of my life in Denver, my husband and I are happy to be close to family, now living in the beautiful town of Palisade.

Join us in our journey as I share DIY home projects and design strategies, our path to financial freedom, and tiny house living tips.

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