Vintage Style Couches for Small Living Rooms

Join me as I share why I abandoned a DIY reupholster project and started the search of vintage style couches for small living rooms.

Staring at the halfway upholstered sofa, I knew I had met my match.

This reupholstering journey started over a year ago with a couch found at an estate sale.

I’ve reupholstered furniture before, but this sofa was a beast.  The amount of four letter words spewing out of my mouth while attempting to take off the existing fabric was excessive.  I swear the fabric was attached with some kind of super strength impossible to remove staples.

Finally! A sign of relief came from my mouth as the last inch of fabric was removed from the sofa.

Time to attach the new fabric.  A beautiful and durable faux leather fabric I found at

Cully and I tugged and yanked at all angles for several hours to secure the new fabric.

The curved arms were the next hurdle.  Sewing the fabric to fit the curves was the only option. Believe me, I tried everything else in the book before coming to this conclusion.

This is where I finally broke. Sewing is not my forte.  I’ve been known to break multiple sewing machine needles.  That, my friends, takes talent!

Feeling disappointed, defeated and drained, I decided to throw in the towel to this DIY project and buy a new vintage style sofa.

Vintage Style Couches for Small Living Rooms
A glimpse of the attempted reupholstered couch. Even the big guy was confused why I kept coming back to this project 😉

Finding the Perfect Vintage Style Sofa Size

I’ve always had a love for vintage style sofas.  This is why I chose this style of sofa for our living room.

The rooms in our house are on the small side.  This includes our living room where the new sofa will be housed.

The maximum size sofa that would work was around 76″ long.

I sat down with a fresh cup of coffee and started my online search for vintage style sofas for small spaces.

Vintage Style Couches for Small Living Rooms on a Budget

It was easy to find various styles and color of vintage style sofas.  It was not so easy to find the right size or the right price.

I was determined to not spend over $650.  After all, if my reupholster plan would have been a success it would have only cost $100.

Of all places, the perfect sofa presented itself to me from the Home Depot website.  I didn’t even know Home Depot sold furniture online!

I ordered my new vintage style sofa and eagerly awaited it’s arrival.

Couch Delivery and Assembly

The delivery took about two weeks and was a seamless process.  Since most things are no-contact right now (thanks covid), the delivery team left the box right outside our front door.

Assembly took less than 15 minutes and a new couch was born. I didn’t snap any pictures of the assembly (sorry!). A quick attachment of the two arms, middle frame piece and feet was all it took. Easy breezy.

Here she is!  Our new vintage style sofa:


Dark gray vintage style sofa

Below you will find several beautiful vintage style couches for small living rooms discovered during my search journey.  All great for small spaces and most priced under $600 (you’re welcome :o)).

Simply click the image and you’ll be taken to the applicable website.

Until next time, friends.




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