Should You Use Chalk Paint Wax? 5 Things to Know

Should You Use Chalk Paint Wax Chalky finish furniture paint is a great alternative to traditional paint because it's easier to use and gives a beautiful finish.  However, sometimes you may find that your painted finish needs an extra [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Sealing Painted Furniture

Sealing Painted Furniture  It was summer 2014.  The year I painted my first piece of furniture. In awe of the transformation, I wanted to make sure my hard work lasted.  Sealing painted furniture was new to me but I [...]

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How to Make Chalk Paint: The Ultimate Guide to DIY Chalk Paint Recipes

How to Make Chalk Paint  Painting outdated furniture and cabinets continues to be an increasingly popular DIY project.  Many are searching how to make chalk paint at home to help keep their project budget friendly. Since 2015 I’ve been [...]

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How to Paint Furniture without Streaks (aka: brush marks)

The art of figuring out how to paint furniture without streaks (aka: brush marks) was one that took me about a year to nail down. I tried every trick in the book and found, like many things, some tricks [...]

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How to Paint Wood Furniture without Sanding

How to Paint Wood Furniture without Sanding Join me as I take you through the essential steps of how to paint wood furniture without sanding... We’ve all been there. You’re sick of your old, beat-up furniture and you want [...]

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DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting: 5 Things to Consider Before Hand

If you know me, you know my love for the topic of DIY kitchen cabinet painting.  Why? Because it is one one of the most cost effective and rewarding DIY transformations for your home. It is also a topic [...]

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