How to Keep Floors Clean with Multiple Dogs 

Join me as I share my journey of how to keep floors clean with multiple dogs.  Having over 220 pounds worth of dogs in our home, I’ve tried everything!

It was a typical volunteer day at the animal shelter. I signed in, gathered the dog walking paraphernalia and headed for the kennels to walk and play with the four-legged furry balls of joy.

Only today, as I opened the door to the outdoor kennels, I locked eyes with the cutest wrinkly little nugget staring back at me.

It can’t be. There’s no way an English Bulldog is at the shelter. 

But it was true! And quite frankly, it was a dream come true. Cully and I missed our sweet Elvis so much and made an agreement that if we ever came across another English Bulldog in need,  we would gladly welcome him or her into our home.

Adopting this bundle of fur baby joy also meant we would have three dogs in our home. 

We welcomed Snax (formerly named Diesel) into our home in March of 2020. And I went to work researching how to keep floors clean with dogs.

Snax the English Bulldog
Our boy, Snax! You can find more of him @meetsnax on Instagram

I’ve researched and tried countless pet hair vacuums to help keep our floors dog hair free. 

There are many options to choose from and finding a pet hair vacuum that was not only awesome, but affordable was key.  You won’t find me dropping several hundred dollars on a vacuum cleaner.

Without further ado, below are top 10 affordable vacuums that eliminate dog hair from floors. 

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How to Keep Floors Clean with Multiple Dogs: Affordable Cordless Vacuum 

I’ve tried both cordless and corded vacuums to clean pet hair and (contrary to my original thoughts) found a cordless pet hair vacuum that blew my socks off. 

I won’t keep you in suspense….

My #1 pick for the most affordable and best cordless vacuum for dog hair is the Shark VACMOP Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum.

Why I love the Shark VacMop Pro

There are several features that make this pet hair vacuum a win in my book:

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop with Disposable Pad, Charcoal Gray

Easy of use:  Since it‘s cordless, simply make sure it is charged and use it on any hard surface floors (wood, laminate, etc…).

Long Charge Time: I typically only need to charge it once per week. And that is with daily use.

Vacuum Suction: All the dirt is captured in the front part of the mopping pad.  Considering the size, I am impressed with how easily the vacuum picks up dog hair and dirt. 

Mop Feature: Talk about convenience! A vacuum and mop in one.  Once vacuuming is complete, I use the mop feature to finalize the cleaning.

Easy Clean Up: When it’s time to throw away the pad, simply place the vacuum over the trash can, hit the ‘release’ button and the pad is gone.  Without having to deal with all the dirt and mess from dumping a container. Hallelujah!

Check the price on Amazon here: Shark VACMOP Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum.

I try to vacuum up the dog hair daily. Which means I go through a lot of pads.  I typically buy multiple boxes of pad at once.  These three packs of pads are enough to last me 1.5 – 2 months.

This may be obvious but is important to note that this vacuum/mop is only meant for hard floors, not carpet. 95% of our house is hard flooring, so this is the primary vacuum I use in our home.

And that’s a wrap! How to keep floors clean with multiple dogs.  Coming from a frugal gal who loves dogs but doesn’t love all the dog hair 😉


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