10 Steps to Financial Freedom

Hi, we’re Cully and Krista – and we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve felt the weight of financial stress, the constant worry about bills, and the fear of an uncertain future. Five years ago, we were drowning in over $100,000 of unsecured debt. We felt trapped, overwhelmed, and didn’t know where to turn.

Today, we live a life we once thought was unattainable, free from that debilitating debt. We’re living our dream life in our cash paid tiny homes with a fully funded emergency savings providing us peace of mind. Our secret? A transformative roadmap that guided us to financial freedom.

These ten steps aren’t theoretical or cookie-cutter advice. They’re the exact steps we took to navigate the way to paying off our debt and transform into a life of financial freedom. They are practical, actionable, and most importantly, they work.

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    • How Unconscious Money Beliefs Hold You Back: Learn how your unconscious money belief’s deeply intertwine with your present and future money circumstances – and learn the steps to take to transform them to your benefit
    • Discipline & Wealth: Experience the discipline and determination it takes to crush your financial goals and achieve a level of wealth that once seemed like a fairytale, all in surprisingly little time

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