Dollar Tree Organization for Your Closet

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    Happy Wednesday! I’m about to share with you the best Dollar Tree organization for your closet – yippee! 

    What sparked this organization decision was quite a humorous story.

    It goes like this…

    Cully and I got into a little “tiff” about where the bug spray was.  He was outside working on one of the sprinklers (getting eaten alive by mosquitoes) and was desperately searching for relief.

    I’d love to say that I was one of those caring, patient wives that immediately helped him in his search….but I was not.

    Rather, I went off on a rant about how he needs to put things back where he found them…then proceeded to list out ALL the things we can find because “he doesn’t put things back where they belong”….looking back, perhaps I was a BIT over dramatic?? (nah!)

    Anywho, eventually the bug spray was found and I had a wild epiphany that if our home was more organized, things like this could be prevented in the future.

    Here is a glimpse of what our hall/bathroom closet looked liked before.  Gee, I can’t imagine why it was hard to find things??

    Disorganized Closet

    With $20 in my pocket, I headed to our local Dollar Tree to browse organizational solutions.

    After strolling up and down every aisle, I found my oasis! An entire wall dedicated to bins, baskets and boxes to use for our closet.

    Dollar Tree Bins

    I grabbed what $20 could cover and headed back home to start organizing. 

    Dollar Tree Closet Organization

    Tapping into my inner Marie Kondo, I touched everything in that closet and made decisions on what to keep and what to toss/donate. There wasn’t a whole lot to get rid of, but I was already feeling the good vibes of clearing out the clutter.

    It did take long before everything was in its new organized home.  For a little bit of flair, I decided to use this wall paper on the back wall.  It was the easiest thing ever to put up and it added just the right amount of pizzazz I was looking for.

    Here is a glimpse of the after…ahhhh, so much better! 

    Dollar Tree Closet Organization Ideas

    Another reason this is the best Dollar Tree organization for your closet? I ended up with a few extra baskets so I can start on our pantry next! Wahoo!

    In closing, if you are on the hunt for super cheap organizational solutions, I highly recommend hitting up your local Dollar Tree (or whatever dollar store you have in your area) and get to arranging! 

    Until next time!


    PS – we now have a specific place for the bug spray in that closet, so mission accomplished! 

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    Dollar Tree Closet Organization

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