DIY She Shed on a Budget

The almighty she-shed!  I was incredibly lucky to have a beautiful she-shed at our old house. Since Cully and I aren’t afraid to do the work ourselves, a DIY she-shed on a budget was in order for this beauty.

I loved that she-shed. It was the perfect space for me to be creative, host workshops, and relax after a long day of work. 

We sometimes camped out in it with the dogs! Cheap entertainment, I suppose? 🙂 

DIY She Shed on a Budget

Oh how I miss that space and can’t wait to build the next she-shed at our new house! (shhhhhh, don’t tell Cully…he doesn’t know yet) 

Building a DIY she-shed on a budget was numero uno when we started this project, and it will be numero uno for the next DIY she-shed.

We were hoping we could use the existing shed in the back yard as the starting point.  

However, we quickly found that it was too far gone with rot and it had to be torn down.

The good news is, we had the existing cement slab to work with and that saved us some moo-la.

DIY She Shed on a Budget

We are certainly not experts in shed building, so this won’t be a step by step of how we built the shed.

But I do have a list of  incredible resources, including the best she-shed plans, that helped us with the process and am happy to share with you.

Recommended Reading for She Shed Ideas

The first step I take in every project is to get inspired.  A few books I recommend for she shed ideas are:

Recommended Resource for Building Your She Shed

For the building side of things (eh-hem, more Cully’s realm), we had several ways to go about it. 

The best DIY she-shed resource we found was by Ryan Henderson.

We came across Ryan’s shed building plans online and we were hooked.  

Cully is very much a instructions follower kind of guy (me, not so much), so Ryan’s materials would be a wise investment to make sure we did things right.

DIY She Shed on a Budget

I was worried all the plans would be super basic, man-like shed plans.  Boy was I wrong!

There are many awe-stricken plans that would make the perfect she-shed.


She Shed Building Materials

We purchased most of the building materials from Home Depot. We have always found the staff to be so helpful with any and all questions we have.  And trust me, being avid DIYers, we have a LOT of questions 🙂

To save some money, we shopped at Habitat for Humanity for the windows and doors.  We found gently used ones that worked perfectly!

Why I Love Ryan’s DIY Shed Plans:

Saves Money 

Cully and I looked at those shed kits you can buy, but didn’t want to pay the marked up prices just because we were buying it as a kit.

Since Ryan lists out what is needed, you won’t pay for that ‘convenience’ mark up with a kit. Perfect for frugal people like us!

DIY She Shed on a Budget

Saves Time 

Let’s be real, I would not know this from first hand experience (as this is Cully’s area of expertise), but every measurement and cut matters.  

Ryan shows you the exact measurement you need and how it all fits together for a seamless build in each and every plan.

Provides Reassurance

This one was mostly for me.  I trust Cully whole-heartedly when it comes to big DIY projects…and we both know that we don’t know EVERYTHING when it comes to a big project like building a shed.  

In typical Cully fashion, he added his own pizzaz to our she-shed. We wanted to have an overhang, deck (the dogs used it to sunbathe mostly), and a taller ceiling to give the illusion of more space. 

I couldn’t have asked for more!  I absolutely LOVED this she-shed and have so many fond memories of it. 

DIY She Shed on a Budget

If you are on the fence at ALL about the process of building your she-shed, I encourage you to give Ryan’s shed plans a try. It helps in a tremendous way!

The big question now is…what design will we pick next? 



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DIY She Shed on a Budget

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