The 6 Best Heaters for Tent Camping – No Electricity Required

The Best Heaters for Tent Camping  Staying warm during winter camping can be a challenge, but it is possible when you use heaters for tent camping.   Living in Colorado, winter (and even early spring and late fall) camping can be miserable without the right tools to make the experience comfortable temperature [...]

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How to Read a Tape Measure: Step by Step Guide

How to Read a Tape Measure If you are a DIYer, a woodworker, a seamstress, or any kind of home project extraordinaire, knowing how to read a tape measure is key to the success of most projects. Cully used to laugh at my inability to accurately read a tape measure. My [...]

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9 Best Pots and Pans for Gas Stoves – 2021 Cookware Set Buying Guide

9 Best Pots and Pans for Gas Stoves  With so many cookware choices, how can you tell if you are getting the best pots and pans for gas stoves?  Gas stoves are becoming increasingly popular, especially with those who are food savvy. Most Chefs prefer a gas stove over an elective [...]

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How to Make Chalk Paint: The Ultimate Guide to DIY Chalk Paint Recipes

How to Make Chalk Paint  Painting outdated furniture and cabinets continues to be an increasingly popular DIY project.  Many are searching how to make chalk paint at home to help keep their project budget friendly. Since 2015 I’ve been giving facelifts to discarded furniture and have tried every DIY chalk paint [...]

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The 4 Easy to Use Products that Clean Paint Brushes Flawlessly

How to Clean Paint Brushes  A quality brush is important for a silky smooth finish.  A premium price tag is often paired with said brush.  Knowing how to clean paint brushes will ensure many years of use and minimize unnecessary waste.  A silky smooth finish is especially important when painting your [...]

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The 9 Best Vintage Style Sofas for Small Spaces

Vintage Style Couches for Small Living Rooms Join me as I share why I abandoned a DIY reupholster project and started the search of vintage style couches for small living rooms. Staring at the halfway upholstered sofa, I knew I had met my match. This reupholstering journey started over [...]

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