Woodworking 101 – Advice for Getting Started in Woodworking

How to Learn Woodworking  Discover how to learn woodworking step by step, coming from our own experience. It was June of 2010 and Cully and I just purchased our first home.  It was a 700 square foot condo that [...]

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Where to Find the Best Dog Friendly Laminate Flooring on a Budget

What are the Best Laminate Floors for Dogs?  Now living in our third fixer upper, we are all too familiar with DIY laminate flooring installation. Only difference is this time we have four dogs...with a combined weight of over [...]

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The 4 Easy to Use Products that Clean Paint Brushes Flawlessly

How to Clean Paint Brushes  A quality brush is important for a silky smooth finish.  A premium price tag is often paired with said brush.  Knowing how to clean paint brushes will ensure many years of use and minimize [...]

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Remove Floor Tile Easy and Fast with these 3 Simple Tips

DIY Tile Removal  Phase 2 of our kitchen renovation is here and today we’ll be talking tile. This week, we wrapped up the DIY tile removal part of the project and I’m sharing all the juicy details below. Check [...]

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12 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Home Renovation

Home Renovations on a Budget  Currently living in our third fixer upper, we’re becoming quite keen to the topic of home renovations on a budget.  It wasn’t always this way. Flashback six years to our first major renovation. We [...]

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DIY Concrete Patio Using Quikrete Paver Mold

We did it!  Our first DIY concrete patio project is complete (hallelujah!). Read on for details about our experience to learn more about the process and steps to this incredibly rewarding DIY project.  Here’s the backstory behind the why [...]

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