How to Strip Furniture the Easy Way

How to Strip Furniture the Easy Way There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a beautiful vintage dresser in immaculate condition for less than $100.   That’s where I found the beauty below and was thrilled when I saw they reduced the price to only 75 bucks. I wasn’t a fan of the [...]

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How to Square off Archways in Your Home

DIY Home Improvement Project: How to Square off Archways in Your Home I’ll never forget the first time we set foot in our house. I remember loving the open concept and spacious kitchen.  The square footage was the exact amount of house we were looking for, it has a big, beautiful [...]

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DIY Concrete Patio Using Quikrete Paver Mold

We did it!  Our first DIY concrete patio project is complete (hallelujah!). Read on for details about our experience to learn more about the process and steps to this incredibly rewarding DIY project.  Here’s the backstory behind the why we decided to build (er, more like pour?) a new patio:  There [...]

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Dollar Tree Organization for Your Closet

Happy Wednesday! I’m about to share with you the best Dollar Tree organization for your closet - yippee!  What sparked this organization decision was quite a humorous story. It goes like this... Cully and I got into a little “tiff” about where the bug spray was.  He was outside working on [...]

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Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Inspiration

Your positive, encouraging responses to our DIY vintage farmhouse kitchen project have been so wonderful!  Many have asked where we purchased the lighting and decor.  While much of it was repurposed or vintage (ie: can't just buy from Amazon LOL), there were several vintage farmhouse decor items we purchased new. The [...]

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Our DIY Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

It's finally that time!  I couldn't be more excited about revealing our DIY vintage farmhouse kitchen project! This project has been in the making since about November of 2019.  What made this project different than most is that we did not stress over a timeline, nor did we place unnecessary pressure [...]

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Building a DIY She Shed on a Budget

DIY She Shed on a Budget The almighty she-shed!  I was incredibly lucky to have a beautiful she-shed at our old house. Since Cully and I aren’t afraid to do the work ourselves, a DIY she-shed on a budget was in order for this beauty. I loved that she-shed. It was the [...]

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How to Paint Furniture without Streaks (aka: brush marks)

The art of figuring out how to paint furniture without streaks (aka: brush marks) was one that took me about a year to nail down. I tried every trick in the book and found, like many things, some tricks worked better than others. So, today I provide the list of tips [...]

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How to Paint Furniture without Sanding

TODAY'S TOPIC: HOW TO PAINT FURNITURE WITHOUT SANDING. Happy Friday, friends!  It’s almost the weekend and you know what that means for this gal….home projects and furniture painting days are near! I became obsessed with painting furniture back in 2015 when my side hussle was flipping painted furniture pieces on Etsy.   [...]

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