Top 3 Tools that Increase Instagram Engagement

For those that follow my blog, you know my love/hate relationship with Instagram (well, all social media for that matter).  But being present on Instagram and implementing strategies that increase Instagram engagement is especially key for creative business owners. We [...]

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How I turned $112 into $1,310 Selling Used Clothes on Poshmark

Warning: today’s post is a bit different than what I usually write about.  I'm talking about selling used clothes on Poshmark for goodness sake! But considering the positive experience and success I’ve seen, I couldn’t help but share.  As [...]

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5 Must Dos to Grow Your Creative Business on Instagram

I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram (and social media in general).  Personally, it’s not my thing...but professionally, I've learned if you want to see results, you simply must use Instagram to grow your creative business.  I started Vintage [...]

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