Woodworking 101 – Advice for Getting Started in Woodworking

How to Learn Woodworking  Discover how to learn woodworking step by step, coming from our own experience. It was June of 2010 and Cully and I just purchased our first home.  It was a 700 square foot condo that we had been renting for a couple of years.   We loved it [...]

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How to Get Website Traffic from Pinterest

How to get website traffic from Pinterest.  When I started krista-howard.com earlier this year, I didn’t really have a clue how to get traffic to this brand new site.  While I was not new to having a website, I was new to having a blog. Which, technically, the two are not all [...]

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How I Increased My Pinterest Views from 19k to 900k in Less than 5 Months

Today's Topic is all about how I increased my Pinterest views, resulting in a huge traffic increase to my websites. ....and you guys. I’m thrilled to share the recent success I’ve had! Part of what makes it so exciting is that I've increased my Pinterest views from 19k to 900k in [...]

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How to Take Beautiful Pictures with Your Phone

How to Take Beautiful Pictures with Your Phone Learning how to take beautiful pictures was incredibly important for my creative business.  Yet, during the start-up phase, adding another task to my to-do list felt overwhelming!  I was already in the depths of figuring out how to manufacture my own product line, [...]

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10 Tips for Selling at Vintage Markets

10 Tips for Selling at Vintage Markets Before moving to the Western Slope of Colorado, selling at Vintage Markets was one of our main revenue sources.   When done right, we made a month’s (or even months!) worth of sales goals in 2-3 days!  Now, this will not be a sales pitch [...]

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Top 3 Tools that Increase Instagram Engagement

For those that follow my blog, you know my love/hate relationship with Instagram (well, all social media for that matter).  But being present on Instagram and implementing strategies that increase Instagram engagement is especially key for creative business owners. We often have very visual based products that flow perfectly well with Instagram [...]

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How I turned $112 into $1,310 Selling Used Clothes on Poshmark

Warning: today’s post is a bit different than what I usually write about.  I'm talking about selling used clothes on Poshmark for goodness sake! But considering the positive experience and success I’ve seen, I couldn’t help but share.  As an entrepreneur and creative business owner, if you would have told me [...]

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5 Must Dos to Grow Your Creative Business on Instagram

I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram (and social media in general).  Personally, it’s not my thing...but professionally, I've learned if you want to see results, you simply must use Instagram to grow your creative business.  I started Vintage And Restore By K back in 2015, and had ZERO small business [...]

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