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Chalky Finish Furniture Paint

Vintage And Restore By K Chalky Finish Furniture Paint is specially formulated to adhere to all kinds of surfaces including; wood, varnish, wicker, metal, glass and even fabric. This means there is no need to sand, strip, or prime the original surface. Simply start with a clean surface and you’re ready to paint. When it comes to ease of use, Furniture Paint has you covered.

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“I’ve purchased more than once and I’ll keep coming back for more! This paint goes on like butter and the coverage is amazing! I’ve used it over laminate and on raw wood and both results were phenomenal.”

Simply MindyMelinda, Simply Mindy

“Love this wax. The wax goes on easily and leaves a beautiful subtle shine on the surface. AND it smells so much better than other waxes I have used! Thanks for another great product!”

“I purchased several colors of paint and used them on both metal and wood. The paint handled this task beautifully. Covered well, and blended well. Love that it dries quickly. I would recommend this paint for sure.”

Chalky Finish Furniture Paint
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