The Best Black Wood Paint for Furniture

I’m going to show you how to create a beautiful, satin black wood finish on furniture using an easy DIY technique. I’ll share the best black wood paint for furniture — it’s not only affordable but also easy and quick to apply.

This project can be done in a half day with just some basic supplies.

This article will focus on how to apply the paint and finish your piece of furniture with a professional-looking beautiful and sleek black finish.

The result will be a perfect looking piece of home décor that will make your friends jealous!

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Why can Painting Wood Furniture Black be Challenging?

If you have ever painted wood furniture black, you know it can be a challenge. The paint dries too quickly and leaves ugly looking brush strokes when applied over an uneven surface.

This is why many people choose to stain their wood pieces instead of painting them. Because the result looks much more authentic.

But if you want your piece to look like a true solid black, and not like something that has been stained with the traditional technique, a black wood paint is in order.

Best Black Wood Paint for Furniture -

How to Paint Furniture Black Step by Step

  1. Clean your furniture piece with a damp cloth
  2. If you have an unfinished piece of furniture, sand it until the surface is smooth.
  3. Paint desired coats of black wood paint on with a synthetic bristle brush
  4. Protect freshly painted furniture

Clean Your Furniture Piece

Use water and an all-purpose cleaner (Dawn soap and warm water works great) to make sure you remove any dust or grime that might be present on the surface of your wood before painting it black. This will allow the paint to stick better, breathe more easily through the pores in the wood and dry without any brush strokes.

Paint Desired Coats of Black Wood Paint on with a Synthetic Bristle Brush

Using a synthetic bristle paint brush, start from one end and work in to the other.

Long brush strokes are best. Be sure to cover all surfaces including edges and creases.

The trick to getting a professional looking finish is to let the paint dry for just about an hour in between coats.

This will allow it time to “skin over” and not leave any brush strokes behind when we apply our next coat of black paint.

Usually two coats of black wood paint does the trick. Some projects may require more.

Be sure to keep a “wet edge” on the second coat.  Essentially, this means just make sure the paint stays wet on your brush.  If it starts to feel like it’s dragging, that means you need to reload your brush with paint.  Ideally, you would not wait until then to reload it.

To learn all the details of achieving the ultimate silky smooth finish, check out this post.

Protect Your Newly Painted Surface

Sealing your black painted furniture is critical since you will want to keep in in pristine condition.

You typically have two options when protecting painted furniture. Protective Finish: a clear satin top coat that is ultra durable. Or, All Natural Furniture Wax.

Wax needs to be reapplied every now and again.  Because of this, I recommend using Protective Finish specifically when it comes to black painted furniture.

This is an added precaution so you don’t accidently wait to long to reapply the wax.  This may leave it unprotected and susceptible to everyday dust collection and/or wear and tear.

For the smoothest finish, you can spray on Protective Finish. Or, a foam roller works well to avoid brush stroke lines.

What is the Best Black Wood Paint for Furniture?

The best paint to use when painting furniture black is Vintage And Restore By K’s “Cast Iron”.  It has a natural matte finish and can be easily applied with a brush or spray gun. You also have more time in between coats so you don’t need to rush!

It is a beautiful true black color that is perfect when you are painting furniture with this beautiful moody tone.

It dries quickly and has excellent coverage on nearly any surface type, including wood, particle board or an existing finish like varnish.

This paint can be top-coated with Protective Finish to ensure it lasts for years without chipping or fading.

The Best Black Wood Paint for Furniture

What is the Best Paint Brush when Painting Wood Furniture Black?

A synthetic bristle brush is best for painting furniture black. The long synthetic bristle plus the light tapering all help to create a smooth finish (aka: minimal to no brush stroke lines).

There are many natural bristles brushes out there, but they can leave behind more paint in the grooves and creases so it’s really important to find one with synthetic bristles.

Grab an oval synthetic bristle brush for larger surfaces or a flat angled brush to get in corners/grooves or for smaller surfaces.

What are the Benefits of Painting Furniture Black?

Paint has a rich, dark look that compliments any home décor style and color palette.  From modern to traditional colors. It also provides an extra layer of protection to your piece because it’s smooth and durable which means it’s less likely to get scratched or damaged.

Paint also has a more natural look and feel when compared with other finishes, like varnish which is generally used for high-end pieces of furniture.

The paint can be easily matched to your décor theme so you don’t have any ugly black spots in the room that stand out.

How to Paint Furniture Black

photo credit: Cesar Chavez Design

Can I Use this Black Wood Paint over Varnish?

Yes! In short, Vintage and Restore By K Furniture Paint is a chalk-based paint. This means it has the additional ingredients required that allows it to stick to nearly any surface, including an existing varnish.

This means that, in most cases, no priming, sanding or stripping is required beforehand. It’s one of the easiest furniture paints to use on the market today.

If you are working with a super glossy existing surface, you could give it an overall light scuffing with 220 grit sandpaper prior to painting. This will only help the paint adhere better.

How to Distress Black Painted Furniture

The best way to distress black painted furniture is to use any kind of abrasive object that will rub through the dried paint. It can be anything from sandpaper to steel wool for lighter scratches.

Even a damp towel will work, as long as you distress the piece within an hour or so after it dries. If you wait much longer than that, it may be tough to “scrub” off.

Any technique you choose is meant to create light and dark spots on your piece of furniture which mimic age and wear and tear.

When distressing, it’s best to focus on corners, edges and any other places that would naturally show signs of wear and tear.

Distress Black Painted Furniture

Best Black Wood Paint Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed learning how to paint furniture black. It is a great project for any aspiring or avid DIYer alike!

It can be done in just two coats and requires minimal prep work, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to tackle this project on their own without any help and in a half days work.

To recap:

Vintage And Restore By K Furniture Paint dries quickly and has excellent coverage on nearly any surface type, including wood, particle board or an existing finish like varnish.

-This is a black chalk-based paint that requires minimal prep work before painting your furniture to ensure it lasts for years without chipping or fading!

-To distress the piece of furniture, you can use any kind of abrasive object that will rub through the dried paint.

-Your goal when distressing is to create light and dark spots on your piece which mimic age and wear and tear.

-Any technique you choose for doing this should focus on corners, edges or other areas where there would be signs of wear and tear.

-Protect your newly painted surface with Protective Finish.

-If you are looking for a high quality paint with excellent coverage, this is the one to buy!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions about the best black wood paint or application process that I’ve mentioned in this post, please feel free to comment below.

Black Painted Wood

Happy Painting!

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