What are the Best Laminate Floors for Dogs? 

Now living in our third fixer upper, we are all too familiar with DIY laminate flooring installation. Only difference is this time we have four dogs…with a combined weight of over 300 pounds.  Finding the best laminate floors for dogs was critical for our home. 

Dogs on Laminate Floors 

If you’re new to having dogs on laminate floors, there three main things to consider when choosing your flooring.

  1. Durability – a scratch resistant floor is going to have an easier time handling the wear and tear from the dog’s toenails.
  2. Waterproof-ability – I can’t even begin to tell you how many towels we go through in a week just cleaning up dog drool and water drips(more like water dumps). A waterproof flooring was at the top of our list when choosing a brand
  3. Comfort – laminate floors don’t have as much “grip” as carpet.  For younger pups, this is rarely an issue.  But for older dogs, be sure to take that into consideration and/or plan to add area rugs to the space for your senior furry friend.

Best Laminate Floors for Dogs

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Best Laminate Flooring Brand

I came across Select Surfaces laminate flooring and was intrigued. Not only did it have 24 hour waterproof protection (hallelujah!), but it has an AC4 Traffic Rating — ummmm, “A what?”, you ask.

I had no clue what that meant either, so I checked out Select Surfaces website and found it meant that their flooring has been through a variety of tests to measure it’s resistance to staining, scratching, moisture, heat and impact. 

All these tests determine how well the laminate flooring can withstand daily wear and tear. It also means the flooring is suitable for heavy residential traffic and light commercial traffic.  Sounds like a perfect fit for us and our furry kiddos.

Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring

When we found out we could pick it up from our local Sam’s Club at an incredibly affordable price (we’re talking less than $2 a square foot — what?!?!), we were sold. 

We fell in love with the ”Barnwood” style and next thing you know, we were ripping up the old, ugly tile in preparation for this beautiful new floor. 

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The first thing I notice about this floor is the incredibly realistic details of authentic  barn wood.  Having built furniture and home décor out of barn wood, I can say the look of this floor is spot on to authentic barn wood.

Check out my video review of our new flooring on Instagram here

Installing Select Surfaces Laminate Floors

All we needed for the installation was a miter saw, table saw (you could also get away with using a circular saw or even a jig saw with a good blade for the long cuts), a piece of scrap 2×2 wood and a hammer. 

We chose not to remove the existing baseboards (after removing the old floor) and added quarter round to the baseboards to disguise any small gaps.  This saved a ton of time and touch up work. 

Best Laminate Flooring for Dogs


Installation was a breeze.  This laminate flooring already has an attached foam backer and the pieces literally just click into each other. 

How to Clean Laminate Floors

The new laminate floors have been installed for several weeks now and we are super pleased and impressed with the quality. 

Our kitchen is still under construction and while we do our best to be careful with the new floor, it’s inevitable that things may fall and/or drip onto the flooring. The floor has held up beautifully so far with no dings or warping, despite the occasional mishap. 

Vintage Style Kitchen Nook with Barnwood Look Laminate Floors

Cleaning the laminate floor has been incredibly easy. We use our Shark Vacuum + Mop several days/week to clean up dog hair and any other messes.  It’s by far the best mop for laminate flooring that I’ve ever used!

If you are in the market for new floors, I highly recommend going with Select Surfaces.  Super easy to install, keep clean and the highest quality flooring we’ve worked with….all at an insanely affordable price point. 

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