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Krista is a thrift store, furniture flipping junkie that lives on the Western Slope of Colorado with her husband, Cully. When not painting or working on her business, you can find her running around outside with her goofy great dane and energetic boxer -- both rescue pups.

The 4 Easy to Use Products that Clean Paint Brushes Flawlessly

How to Clean Paint Brushes  A quality brush is important for a silky smooth finish.  A premium price tag is often paired with said brush.  Knowing how to clean paint brushes will ensure many years of use and minimize unnecessary waste.  A silky smooth finish is especially important when painting your [...]

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Remove Floor Tile Easy and Fast with these 3 Simple Tips

DIY Tile Removal  Phase 2 of our kitchen renovation is here and today we’ll be talking tile. This week, we wrapped up the DIY tile removal part of the project and I’m sharing all the juicy details below. Check out Phase 1 of our DIY Farmhouse Kitchen redo here.  If you’ve [...]

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12 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Home Renovation

Home Renovations on a Budget  Currently living in our third fixer upper, we’re becoming quite keen to the topic of home renovations on a budget.  It wasn’t always this way. Flashback six years to our first major renovation. We dove into the renovation head first with rose-colored glasses and an unrealistic [...]

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Top 10 Affordable Vacuums that Eliminate Dog Hair from Floors

How to Keep Floors Clean with Multiple Dogs  Join me as I share my journey of how to keep floors clean with multiple dogs.  Having over 220 pounds worth of dogs in our home, I've tried everything! It was a typical volunteer day at the animal shelter. I signed in, gathered [...]

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The 9 Best Vintage Style Sofas for Small Spaces

Vintage Style Couches for Small Living Rooms Join me as I share why I abandoned a DIY reupholster project and started the search of vintage style couches for small living rooms. Staring at the halfway upholstered sofa, I knew I had met my match. This reupholstering journey started over [...]

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How to Strip Furniture the Easy Way

How to Strip Furniture the Easy Way There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a beautiful vintage dresser in immaculate condition for less than $100.   That’s where I found the beauty below and was thrilled when I saw they reduced the price to only 75 bucks. I wasn’t a fan of the [...]

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How to Get Website Traffic from Pinterest

How to get website traffic from Pinterest.  When I started krista-howard.com earlier this year, I didn’t really have a clue how to get traffic to this brand new site.  While I was not new to having a website, I was new to having a blog. Which, technically, the two are not all [...]

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How to Square off Archways in Your Home

DIY Home Improvement Project: How to Square off Archways in Your Home I’ll never forget the first time we set foot in our house. I remember loving the open concept and spacious kitchen.  The square footage was the exact amount of house we were looking for, it has a big, beautiful [...]

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Decorating with Thrifty Home Decor

How can I decorate my home using thrifty décor?   If you follow me on Instagram (and you should for the most up to date project deets!), you know that my home is filled with vintage and thrifty home décor goodies.  About 80% of my home is furnished and decorated with gently [...]

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