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Krista is a thrift store, furniture flipping junkie that lives on the Western Slope of Colorado with her husband, Cully. When not painting or working on her business, you can find her running around outside with her goofy great dane and energetic boxer -- both rescue pups.

DIY Deconstruced Chair

DIY DECONSTRUCTED CHAIR     Well, I found my new love…no, no - not human-wise, project-wise!  That new love is deconstructed furniture! I first noticed this look from Restoration Hardware and immediately fell in love.  Since I was not [...]

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We tried the Baby Steps by Dave Ramsey. Did they work?

Baby Steps By Dave Ramsey  Thinking of trying the baby steps by Dave Ramsey? Today, I share something very personal. My husband's and my financial crisis and journey to financial freedom. I know we are not alone when it [...]

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Should You Use Chalk Paint Wax? 5 Things to Know

Should You Use Chalk Paint Wax Chalky finish furniture paint is a great alternative to traditional paint because it's easier to use and gives a beautiful finish.  However, sometimes you may find that your painted finish needs an extra [...]

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Resin Art 101: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Lifetime Masterpieces

How to Get Started in Resin Art So you're thinking of entering the world of resin art but not sure where to start? You're in the right place! This how to guide will walk you through the process of [...]

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Write for a Digital Nomad Blog: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Write for a Digital Nomad Blog Do you have a dream of working from anywhere in the world? One way to make this happen is to write for a digital nomad blog. The world is changing. Technology has made it [...]

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How Furniture Flipping Replaced my Full-time Corporate Income

Furniture Flipping: My Backstory A little backstory to how my furniture flipping days began... I had worked my way up the corporate ladder for over a decade. I was an AVP with a near six figure income; all in [...]

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How to Get Building Permits for your Home Renovation

How to Get Building Permits for Your Home Renovation Wondering how to get building permits for your home renovation but don't know where to start? It can be a daunting task, especially if you have never renovated a home [...]

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