Best Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

Being an avid dog lover, there’s nothing we enjoy more than receiving a gift that relates to our pups. That’s why it only made sense to create a list of the best gift ideas for dog lovers!

We have three dogs with a combined weight of over 220 pounds. Therefore, we also appreciate gifts that help keep them entertained and help keep my home clean.

Practical Dog Lover Gift Ideas

The number one struggle we run into is keeping our house clean and pet hair (and drool) free. We have a Boxer mix, English Bulldog and a Great Dane, so I’m sure you can see my struggle.

Pet Hair Control 

One of the best gifts I ever received was an iRobot.  You would have thought I won a million bucks with how excited I was when I unwrapped this wonderful machine a couple of years ago.  

Having an iRobot meant I didn’t have to sweep up all the dog hair every single day! Ours is set up in the upper area of our house and it’s set to automatically run daily.  It helps a tremendous amount with dog hair.

If the iRobot is not within your price range for a gift, my next favorite pet hair picker upper is the Shark Vacuum Mop.  It’s a simple vacuum plus mop in one – brilliant!

I’ve tried several lightweight, easy to use pet hair vacuums and the Shark is the best.  The vacuum part does not clog up (as with other brands I’ve used) and the mop pad is disposable, without having to touch the mess it picked up. 

I use the Shark Vacuum Mop in the lower part of our house, typically every other day, to control the dog hair and drool.  The dogs water bowl is in this area, so the mop feature is excellent for water/drool clean up.

Also on the list are a few other practical gifts that we personally use and love, like the wide walk-through dog gate and car ramp.

The dog gate has been helpful keeping the dogs out of our kitchen area while we cook. 

If you’ve ever experienced “counter surfing” with a giant breed dog, you know your dinner is at risk of being devoured by your furry friend if they have access to it.

Best Gift Ideas for New Puppy Owners 

Ah, the joys of a new puppy. The most important thing for a puppy is to stay entertained and active to avoid developing bad behaviors like chewing up your shoes (or the couch – yup, I’ve been there with our Great Dane).

Below are some of my favorite toys that we’ve had for our dogs as young pups and even to this day:

Best Gifts for Multiple Dog Family

Getting a gift for someone with multiple dogs?  Check out the gift ideas below that offer entertainment for more than one dog:

Unique Gifts Ideas for Dog Lovers

If you’re wanting something more unique or customized, check out the gift ideas below.  

This list includes great customizable ideas and my all time favorite, the Furbo camera and dog treat dispenser — it even works with Alexa! 

For the Humans: Dog Lover Gifts Under $20 

And finally, let’s not forget about the humans. If you’re looking for a cute gift idea for the parents of dog lovers, check out the gifts ideas below.  Each gift is under $20 and is sure to be a crowd pleaser:



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